Let’s set the scene: You’re doing a spot of shopping at your local shopping centre and someone near you starts humming a tune that seems familiar. Before you know it, someone across the concourse starts singing the lyrics. More and more shoppers around you seem to join in with the chorus until a crowd starts to gather. People from the café look up from their drinks to see everyone smiling and singing along. You join in too, and then everyone sings Happy Birthday to you, much to your surprise!

Time2BEntertained can arrange a Sing-along Surprise wherever there’s a crowd of people. This is a unique way to surprise your loved one for a birthday, marriage proposal or just to tell someone they mean a lot to you.

This unique experience brings together the joys of singing at a time and venue where you least expect it, making a forever memory.

This Sing-along Surprise event is ideally suited for shopping centres, pedestrian areas, squares, and market halls. The busier the better! People of all age groups will gather to sing well-known songs; anything from The Beatles to Simon and Garfunkel. Time2Bentertained can tailor this event to be just as you wish.

Sing-Along Surprise event format;

On the agreed date, Time2BEntertained assembles singers and musicians and distributes them discretely at the venue.

At an agreed time, the first singer starts humming or singing and is joined by more singers who seem to come from anywhere in the crowd, just as the chorus kicks in. The singers assemble at the agreed location and the lead singer encourages the crowds to sing along. If required, the lyrics can be projected on a big screen or wall of the venue.

Typical Duration: 15 – 20 minutes from arrival to finale

Location: by appointment

Price: by arrangement