Time2BEntertained have put together talented Flashmob dancers who magically appear wherever and whenever, at the time you need them. Their performance is packed with energy and music so that everyone gets an experience out of the ordinary. They dance to music by Queen, Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5 and many others. 6-40 dancers await your booking!

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Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

Price: by number of dancers

Modern street dance

Bring the current trend to your event and experience a dynamic and modern version of dance with Time2BEntertained’s Street Dance Group. Our dancers perform a well-choreographed show where the dynamics and intensity can be felt among the audience.

4-20 dancers. Entertaining for all age groups.

Duration: 15 minutes

Street Dancers
Syng med

Sing-along Surprise

Do you want to arrange a surprise sing-along?  Time2BEntertained singers blend in amongst the crowd and then at an agreed time, one singer begins to sing and the others join in progressively, causing heads to turn and crowds to gather.  The group consists of six to thirty talented singers.

The group sing A Capella songs that you can sing along with, creating a happy, upbeat experience during the 15 – 20 minute performance. Fancy a saxophone or some strings too? There is the option to add strategically placed ‘buskers’! 

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Typical Duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Price: by agreement

A Capella Choir 

Time2BEntertained present ClasSix, six experienced Danish singers who combine heart-warming English or Danish vocals with fun anecdotes and amusing stories about the songs they sing. The wide-ranging musical experience brings a smile to every face.

ClasSix sing pop and jazz classics.

The voices are composed to cover the full range from high soprano to deep bass.


Duration: 20 minutes

Price: by agreement


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