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In order to understand the result of the BREXIT Referendum, which took place on 23 June 2016, and how Danish companies can potentially turn this apparent export challenge into a new export opportunity, you must understand the evolved British mentality and how its local and international political strategy made the United Kingdom the world’s fifth largest economy.

Add to this the lies and confusion sown about the European Union, especially assisted by advanced use of social media tactics, and you begin to see the background that led to BREXIT.

This then raises the question whether BREXIT is an insurmountable export challenge or will it inevitably open up new Danish export opportunities?

MARIANO ANTHONY DAVIES comes from Kent (South East England) and has a British university education. Besides a ten-year career with KPMG, he is now the President & CEO of Oxford Business Services ApS and BOSS Certification UK Limited.

He was the Founding Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark and worked at Executive Board level for British Chambers at a global level from 1996-2016. He has recently been elected the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

His Management Board positions include CloudZentral, Crossing Borders (global NGO) and Hamletscenen (Denmark’s Shakespeare theatre at Kronborg Castle).


British Mentality – Understanding the pulse of the United Kingdom.

British Politics – A Democracy not built for chnage or compromise

British Economy – Understanding the world’s fifth largest economy.

The BREXIT Lie – How did they convince the British public?

Danish UK Export – Challenge or new opportunity?

Mariano Anthony Davies


16:00 Arrival and registration

16:30 Brexit Talk (Language: English)

17:30 Networking & Refreshments

18:30 End of meeting


Moderator: Per Andersen, CEO & Founder of Time2bentertained

Place: Royal Danish Library, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1221 Copenhagen K

Date: Febuary 27th 2020

Time: 16:00 – 18:30

Price: 730,-

Press release for Brexit Talk with Mariano A. Davies (PDF in Danish – will open in a new tab)

Time 2 Talk Some Business

This event is a part of our Time 2 Talk Some Business Series